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I am Ben Woodbridge, a passionate and dedicated cinematographer with a knack for translating brand messages into compelling visuals. My journey began with hands-on experience in the trenches of major productions like Netflix's "The Crown" and Disney's "The Marvels," where I cut my teeth as a camera assistant and in the lighting department on commercials for esteemed brands such as Samsung, British Gas, and Barbie. These experiences have been invaluable, shaping my skills and enabling me to weave visually stunning narratives, as evidenced by the recognition received by my short film "Blindfold" at the British Independent Film Festival.


Beyond my work behind the camera, you'll often find me immersing myself in the beauty of the great outdoors, a passion rooted in my upbringing in the Lake District. I also enjoy collaborating with my network of talented freelancers. With a first-class degree in Digital Film Production, I bring a blend of technical expertise and creative vision to every project.

I'm here to be your trusted partner, working together to solve your creative challenges and elevate your brand.

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